Do you want to speak better English for study, work or travel?

With this Intermediate English course, you’ll learn grammar and vocabulary to help you meet your goals.

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Being confident with your English can enhance your life in so many ways. It can improve your career prospects. It can improve your social life. It can even help you make the most out of the internet.

As the world’s English experts we’re uniquely positioned to get you closer to the English language and help you speak, listen, read and write with confidence so you can get the most out of everyday life.

0 Hours
of basic
grammatical skills
of receptive skills
0 Hours
of written skills
0 Hours
of basic class communicative


  • Verb forms and other grammatical structures
  • Introductions and greetings
  • Asking for information
  • Offering
  • Requesting
  • Inviting
  • Comparative language
  • Listening comprehension focusing on varying elements of vocabulary and structure
  • Video comprehension developing combined visual-audio receptive skills to deduce meaning from context
  • Reading skills strategies including intensive skimming and scanning development tasks, as well as intensive reading exercises

receptive skills

WRITING skills

  • Development of basic writing skills applying studied grammatical structures
  • Standard writing formats including formal and informal letters
  • Expression of opinions in writing
  • Instruction flow writing skills
  • Narrative written structures to express past events
  • Debating various points of view to strengthen the ability to express points of view
  • Information gathering activities concerning time, place, cost and personal descriptions
  • Project development in groups and pair-work to increase communication practice


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Meet the trainer

Yvonne van Zyl

Yvonne van Zyl is an English and Academic Instructor. She has more than 30 years’ experience in the field of training and development. Her recent training activities include teaching, leading and guiding students and working individuals towards an acceptable IELTS score with the IDP.

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